The Annual International Leadership Conference Report

The leadership centre at MUBS Annex Bugolobi has continuously fostered the idea of bringing together brains to deliberate on the issues cutting across leadership, economy, social lifestyle, technology, environment and legal issues.

Like all other years, the MUBS leadership center organized a successful annual international leadership conference of the 11th edition at MUBS Annex Bugolobi, the home of Leadership from 18th-20th October 2022. It was exciting and memorable with workable topics

The program started at 2pm with arrivals and registrations, thereafter, the director leadership Centre madam Regis Namuddu gave in the opening remarks and the principal of MUBS professor Waswa Balunywa gave a keynote on the theme of the conference “Africa’s leadership in the emerging Global Geopolitics. The first day of the 18th of October 2022 ended with two powerful paper presentations from the well-researched panelists, that’s Agnes Neolin and Samuel Walulumba.

Day 2, 19th October 2022 was a success too with presentations from the YOUTH track opening it up with Unemployment, health breaks which took us up to the parallel sessions where I happen to have presented my paper alongside other notables like Dr. Mindra Katorogo as our session moderator, Edith Basalirwa who presented on the sustainable charcoal business in Uganda, patience Nagaba, who presented on the reading culture in Uganda, Najjemba Shamira who presented on the role of YLP to foster entrepreneurship in Uganda, and my own paper on African leadership in spotlight in the Soviet Union divide and the role of youth in fostering Pan-Africanism. The second parallel session was conducted still by Dr Mindra Katorogo and some of the papers presented included but not limited to “organisation leading change among youth, the case of Nsindikanjake with MTN Uganda, By Dr Diana Ntamu among others.

The conference was officially opened on day 2 where the speaker of parliament was the guest of honour but was unable to attend. She therefore was able to send a representative notably the Mubs school chairman Eng. Isaac Ngobya, who spoke her message vividly to us and later on opened the conference officially. The group photo moments followed and later mama green donated trees to the attendees and conference was able to go on in the later hours. The two paper presentations from Prof Willie Chinyamurundi and my very own paper on Deos pan Africanism matter? Stole the show where we exclusively talked about the new developments in Pan-Africanism and what scholars need to know about this wide topic. Prof Willie Chinyamurundi paper was titled ‘ the enemy within – threat to Pan-African advancement. What would Mazrui say? Day 2 ended with closing remarks from Prof Moses Muhwezi, the Deputy Principal MUBS.

Day 3 started well with youth female track discussions, followed by keynote addresses from very powerful people in this nation, our colleagues in uniform were represented by Brig Felix Kulayigye, the UPDF SPOKESPERSON, discussing the importance of resolving conflicts in the region, Col Justus Rukundo Commandant, Oliver Thambo leadership school kaweweta, Dr Fred Muhumuza, the economic guru, who gave a keynote on the economics, prof JC Munene and others. The day ended with Youth track presentation on the challenges of drugs and alcoholism, other keynotes and closing remarks from our very own Principal Prof Waswa Balunywa.

I would love to thank the organisation who were behind this conference and to appreciate individual efforts of our director of the leadership centre Madam Regis Namuddu for her foresight and leadership, which has tirelessly prepared us for such opportunities and made it easy for wanna be professors like us recon with professors, generals and very important people in this country. In a special way, allow me to thank the principal of MAKERERE UNIVERSITY BUSINESS SCHOOL, Prof Waswa Balunywa for his desire to nurture young leaders on the principles of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther king, Mother Teresa and many more other inspirational People. Your efforts don’t go unnoticed!!!

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