MUBS-Mbale at a Glance

MUBS – Mbale Campus started its operations on the 2nd July, 2012. It was established to not only address the challenge of congestion at the main campus in Kampala, but also bring services closer to the people. As the cost of education has tremendously risen. It is very expensive to maintain a university student in Kampala as costs of living are very high. When the MUBS Council assessed these and other factors, it came up with a resolution to open up-country regional campuses. Currently MUBS has four campuses in total: The Jinja, Mbarara, Arua and now the Mbale Campus.

AT MUBS Mbale we are dedicated to equipping our students with the best business management and Entrepreneural practical skills through our well-trained team of academic staff to prepare them for their future careers in business management and entrepreneurship as this is one of the largest and most dynamic sectors of our economy, providing not only jobs but a host of other opportunities.

In order to prosper in this fast-moving job-market our students combine a sense of entrepreneurship with an awareness of their economic, social and environmental responsibilities, as well as the ability to think out of the box in order to survive in the current circumstances of unemployment and underemployment. Whether you are a family member or a prospective employer of our graduate, be assured of getting a fully accomplished person. We currently offer Bachelor’s and Diploma courses like Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor’s in Procurement and Supply Chain Management (BPSM), Bachelor’s in Human Resource Management (BHRM), Diploma in Business Administration (DBA), Diploma in Accounting & Finance (DAF), Diploma in Computer Science (DCS) and also have Certificate course like National Certificate in Business Administration (NCBA), Higher Education Certificate in Business Studies (HECBS), short courses in ICT and Computerized Accounting.

These programmes have greatly reduced on the cost of education and also decongest the main campus. And it is in line with such parameters that MUBS Council and MUBS management established upcountry campuses.

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